WorkSight Employee Status Change

Mapping has been updated to correct the employees’ status type that is displayed when the account syncs with Prism HR where the status type has been updated on a date later then the job title. The status type entries are added as a new entry and updates with the newest date. 


Updates via Payroll Approval:

Prism HR

A Manager with valid credentials will navigate to: 

Menu > Modules > HR Action > Status Type Entry.

Enter Employee ID or search via Employee’s Last Name.

Update the entry as per the options provided below.

Once the status type entry has been created, a request will be sent to your payroll provider for confirmation.

After the new record has been approved the employee’s status will update once the daily sync runs.


To update the entry immediately:


Login with valid credentials and navigate to:

Human Resources > Process > HR Actions > Status/type Change > Status/Type Change

The following window will open:

Complete the information as required.

When logging in with the manager the latest entry will be available on WorkSight.

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