Marking Salaried Employees for Auto-Pay for payroll - HRP Payroll System

There is now an additional feature that will allow salaried employees to have their profile set to auto pay when the employee has completed the onBoarding process.  This will enable the permission within the HRP payroll application to always auto pay salary employees regardless if they are included on the TLM import file .

On the admin settings screen, under Payroll information; we have added a check box that will allow clients to “Auto Pay Salaried Employees”

When this option is selected, all new hires added to the system that are salaried will have the auto pay flag set to Y in Prism HR thus allowing their salaries to be paid when payroll is run.

For existing clients the option will be available however the salaried employees will need to be manually updated by the Implementation Team in Prism HR.

For the Implementation Team; the requirement would be to update the employee in the system of record and this will then sync across to the account and update the employee.

If you would like this feature to be activated - please contact the Implementation Team to have this set on your account.

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