Time and Labor Management (TLM) Payroll Comparison Report


The Time and Labor Management (TLM) payroll comparison report allows you to compare your current payroll data with up to four(4) previous payrolls.  This review helps to determine if the current payroll data is within an acceptable variance range, which helps to review employee trends.

The data elements available for review are:

  • Regular Hours
  • Overtime
  • Double
  • Holiday
  • Holiday Weekend
  • Days Off
  • Shift Diff
  • Shift Diff Overtime
  • Holiday Weekend Shift Diff
  • Holiday Weekend Shift Diff Overtime

 The report also includes the following additional data:

  • Hire Date
  • Termination Date
  • Employee Number

The report is broken down by Location/department with their assigned employees.

If the employee has a sub-job this will be displayed on the report as well.

The displayed data takes the selected previous payroll data, and compares this to your current payroll data with variance.


Note: Variance = (current - previous) / previous (%)

Regular Hours:

(Current Payroll (8 hours) - Previous Payroll (7 hours)) / Previous Payroll (7 hours) * 100  = Variance of 14.29%

Should you have a negative result this means your current payroll has more data (hours) than your previous payroll.

(Current Payroll (7 hours) - Previous Payroll (8 hours)) / Previous Payroll (8 hours) * 100  = Variance of -12.5%


  1. Should you create any test payrolls – please be sure to remove these as this will cause be included in the drop down as a choice for comparison (The system will not be able to compare the data as it will not be able to determine the correct data file from preset parameters).
  2. If your account is using the Job/Phases module, it could take up to 15 minutes to generate the comparison report.


How to create a variance report:

  1. Navigate to Timecard approval (if using traditional TLM as a standalone, this is called payroll)
  2. Select View Data for the current payroll
  3. Select a previous payroll from the drop down
  4. Select “export payroll comparison report” button

Below is an example from the export displaying the variance:


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