Adding an Updated/Revised Employee Handbook

Using the archive function for the employee handbook allows a Super Manager to force the employee population to take certain actions based on the parameters described below.


Uploading a new Employee Handbook:

To upload a new employee handbook, navigate to Form Matrix in the grey toolbar:

The employee handbook section can be broken down as indicated in the below image:

  1. Current handbook and download link
  2. Parameters to be applied to new handbook
    1. Force all employees to sign new handbook –Will force all employees to resign their Employee Handbook Acknowledgement form.
    2. Only available to new hires from the effective date – The newly uploaded handbook will only be applied to new hires from the date specified.
  3. New Handbook upload – Selecting “Browse” allows the user to select a new handbook to upload. (Please ensure that all spaces are replaced with an underscore "_".)
  4. Email employees – Checking this parameter will send an email to all employees prompting them to complete the new Handbook Acknowledgment.

When selecting “Only available to new hires from the effective date”, a new field is displayed that allows the user to input an effective date using a date picker:


Once a new handbook is selected the save button will turn green and the new changes can be saved

A success message is displayed when the changes are saved

After saving the changes the screen will default back to the original settings

This functionality is only available to WorkSight clients who have onBoarding version 2 enabled.

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