In-Active Employees Showing in Payroll

When an employee is set to In-Active in the system, they will still appear in payroll based on the Termination date set in the employee profile.


This ensures that employees who have been terminated during a pay period, are still included in the payroll for the hours worked.


If a termination date is NOT set, in-active employees will continue to show up in the payroll.  This is due to the lack of termination date.

To set the termination date for an employee, follow these steps:

  1. Navigate to Personnel
  2. Select the employee you wish to mark as in-active
  3. Select the Login Tab
    1. Select In-Active from the drop down
  4. Select the Employment Tab
    1. Enter Termination date

The employee will now now longer be displayed in future payrolls.


Note for clients whom use our payroll sync with their payroll provider.  An employee who is set to terminated in the payroll application sets the employee to in-active in time and labor management and the TERM date is set by default.



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